A Holistic medicine system:
Ayurveda is only science of medicine which covers the philosophy of life and focuses not only on the site of disease, but corrects the disease at the level of both mind and body with the consideration of constitution Prakriti of each individual

A system that draws upon the Vedas as its root:
The Ayurveda find its roots deeply embedded in the Vedas the first texts of the world subject matter described in various Ayurvedic texts is nothing but the features found extensively in Vedas. Atharveda and Rig Veda are two Vedas, which contain maximum subject matter related to Ayurveda.

Ayurvedic systems of treatment, Etiology of diseases, classification of diseases, different types of therapies, instructions for physicians, dietary regimen, instructions for use of food, health by following moral code of conduct, science of tridosha, knowledge of body parts etc are first mentioned in Vedas only.


A system that recognizes consciousness as its basis:
Ayurvedic fundamental is that body & mind are unconscious Jad and association of the soul Chetan with both is providing consciousness to human being. Like other systems of medicine it does not keep the sphere of its treatment limited to the affected organ, rather it treats body, mind & soul simultaneously. It believes that if mind & soul is also healthy only then it completes the definition of perfect health. PARSAN ATMA INDREEYA MANA SWASTHYA ITEE ABHIDHEEYTE.

Ayurveda finding a place with the modern health care systems:
In India
Ayurveda being the native wisdom in health and medicine was the health care system of first choice before English rule and after English rule. Still the 98% of population is leading the lifestyle described by ayurveda and cooking the each fresh meal in the kitchen with ayurvedic herbs / medicines. So because of this upbringing with ayurveda, majority of the population is having deep-rooted faith in Ayurvedic medicine and people give a serious consideration to ayurveda that’s how Ayurved finds a considerable place along with modern health care system.Institutionally qualified Ayurvedic physicians have knowledge of both the systems and understand the pathology of diseases more clearly and comparatively & use all the modern diagnostic techniques (Investigations) for accurate diagnosis and right selection of Ayurvedic Medicine.

In the western world
Organic body is designed to administer organic diet and medicine that’s why inorganic modern medicines are having lot of side effects, after realizing the fact now western world is looking back on ayurveda with great hopes being time tested and rational system for health care.
Responding to the positive response of western nations to ayurveda many health insurance companies in the Europe, U.S. and other parts of the west started honoring to ayurvedic prescriptions



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