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Name  Pellitory   

Latin Name  Anacyclus pyrethrum, Pyrethrum radix   

OtherNames  Pellitory, Akarakara, Akarkara, Aquarqarha,  Akkarakaram, Pellitory of Spain, Pyrethre, Pyrethrum, Roman Pellitory, Spanish Camomile   

Parts Used Root   

Active Ingredients:  

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This herb contains an essential volatile oil and an alkaloid, pellitorin or pyrethrin. It has alkamides, lignane (including sesamine), inulin (fructosan) and tannins. Alkamides includes deca-2,4-dien acid-isobutylamide, anacycline, and dehydroanacycline.

It is believed that application of this herb to the skin stimulates the nerve ends that may result in redness, and irritation accompanied by a hot, burning sensation.

Remedies For:

Root of this herb is a valuable sialogogue. It is often used as a tonic to the nervous system. It is powerfully irritant. It is also used for rheumatic conditions, and to aid in digestion. Also useful for toothaches (use as a gargle). It is also used as an insecticide. Other applications include treatment for epilepsy, paralysis, hemiplegia, and for sore throat and tonsils. Some herbalists suggest that this herb may be useful for diabetes and aphrodisiac.


This herb is found in North Africa, in the Mediterranean, Himalayas, North India and Arabian countries.


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Preparation: powder, pills, paste, tonic.

1. Powder: Blow Pellitory combination herbal powder into the nose for Epilepsy.

2. Pill: 1 to 5 grs. of Pellitory Combination Pill is given to children for irritability of temper, wakefulness, painful dentition, diarrhea, colic and vomiting.

3. Churna: Take 6 grains of Akara Karabhadi Churna for impotence and chronic bowel complaints.

4. Boil 35 grs. in water. It is given as drink in diabetes.

Safety: No health hazards or side effects are reported if this herb is used under the supervision of a qualified practitioner.

Overdoses may result in irritation, due to the mucus-membrane-stimulating characteristics of the alkaloids found in this herb.




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