Lotus For Health and Prosperity

Lotus for various disorders

Bleeding disorder: Charak recommended that the tubes of lotus boiled with milk are useful in various bleeding disorders.

Haemoptysis: For haemoptysis, Charak desribed to take the kshaar prepared from the tubules of lotus, to be taken with honey and ghee.

Epistaxis: Vaidya Manorama highly recommended the lotus juice.

Bleeding gums: Famous ayurvedic text harit recommended the powder of androcium to be taken with sugar candy.

Gingivitis: Sushruta indicated to take lotus tubules with milk.

Pyorrhea: Materia medica of Raj Maratand highly recommended chewing the roots of plant for chronic pyorrhea.

Gastroenteritis: Master writer of the herbs, Bhavmishra, in his famous treatise, Bhavaprakash highly recommended to take the powder of Lotus flower, pomegranate fruit skin with rice water for gastroenteritis with fever.

Retention of urine: Lotus tubules processed in sesame oil and cow’s urine is recommended by Harit in retention of urine for passing the urine.

Abortion: The powder of lotus tube with honey and sugar candy is recommended in case of abortion by Sodal. Sodal recommended another recipe i.e. the powder of white lotus leaves with honey and sugar candy in miscarriage.

Conjunctivitis: The powder of lotus flower with goat's milk is highly recommended in conjunctivitis by the famous ayurvedic physician, Vrind.

Leucorrhoea: Juice of lotus leaves with sesame oil is recommended in chronic leucorrhoea in famous treatise Vaidya Manorama.

Bronchitis (Pittaj kaas): Powder of lotus seeds with honey is recommend in pitta predominant cough by the famous ayurvedic Materia medica Sodal.

Used as food also: The seeds of the Lotus are edible. The leaf and leaf stalk are eaten as vegetable in India. The tubers of the Lotus taste like the sweet potato. Its petals are used for garnish and the large leaves are used as the wrap for the leaves. Its seeds called Phool Mukhana are used in the Indian cooking.

Lotus is used with precautions in indigestion, food stagnation and constipation

Dr. Sanjeev Sood is Prof. & Head of Panchakarma Department, Dayanand Ayurvedic College, Jalandhar, + 91 9814004142

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