7 Keys for Eternal Happiness


4. Drop the craze of certainty: Most of times we are unhappy because we want to get all the good things of life for certain and we keep on working very hard for that certainty which is not possible. This is just like to have all the lights on road green before starting our journey, is it possible? In reality to ask for certainty is stupidity. Life is beautiful for its uncertainty only. For example dating with beloved is beautiful because of unpredictability. He or She will say yes or will say no that is the excitement. Few days after the beloved becomes spouse, you know what happens? A certain degree of certainty creeps in the relation and makes it dull. Unpredictability of life is wow. Uncertainty in life is beautiful, relish it embrace it. So we have to drop the craze of certainty in life if we want to be happy in life.

5. Learn the art of averting double unhappiness: We could be unhappy because of double unhappiness. Suppose you are sick. This is the first unhappiness. But when you will start thinking why this sickness to me? Then the sickness of the body increases many more times. Unhappiness alone cannot trouble us. Non acceptance is the point where double unhappiness begins. When we accept the unhappiness, then unhappiness, over earlier unhappiness does not happen. Let us accept the moments of unavoidable unhappiness and let it go. Simple method to do it is by asking a simple question “Can I accept it?” If the answer is yes then your unhappiness is immediately released. If your answer to this question is no; then don’t worry that, why it is negative. Then you should ask yourself a second question. “Can I accept that I cannot accept this unhappiness”? Be comfortable with your non-acceptance. Accept this non acceptance of unhappiness and your unhappiness will be released instantly. Unhappiness is not avoidable in some circumstances. But double unhappiness is always avoidable by accepting it or accepting the non acceptance of it.

6. Express Gratitude and Appreciation: We often take our lives for granted and don’t express gratitude for things we are getting from family, friends and society. Instead of feeling gratitude we start expecting gratitude which is a mistake and creates sorrow. We should learn to give for our inner joy. The good thing is that gratitude is a trait which can be cultivated. So, if we want our children to be grateful, we must train them to be grateful. Also make sure that we appreciate someone or something that we ordinarily take for granted. Appreciate the true values of a person or situation that holds significance; a marriage, a holy ceremony, a person who is essential in your life or someone who is doing something good for society. It will create happiness.

7. Move from materialistic to Non materialistic needs: Human being has different needs to live a complete life. These needs have five levels.

1. Physiological needs: Food and sex.

2. Safety: It includes shelter and security.

3. Social needs: It includes need of family & friends.

4. Self Esteem: It is need of recognition and respect.

5. Self actualization: This is need of greater achievements in life.

First two are materialistic needs and last three are non-materialistic needs. Love, self esteem and self actualization are non-materialistic needs. We get love when we give love. We command respect when we give respect to others. In this way when we fulfil our needs we fulfil the needs of others automatically. Self actualization gives; different level of happiness and satisfaction. All great personalities of the world work for their need of self actualization and end up helping the whole society. Fulfilling of non-materialistic needs is extremely beneficial for self, society and mankind. It gives rise to greed for love, learning, and service to society and creativity, as writing book or making music. Such pursuits make the whole world a better place to live and create happiness.

This article was published in the December, 2008 issue of “DAV’s Ayurveda For Holistic Health”



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